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Websites for Pool Leagues

BrookSEO builds pool league websites that you control.   Jeff Brooks, owner of BrookSEO, is a pool player himself.  (That’s him playing Mike Massey in the picture above)  Therefore, he knows what pool players want to see on their pool league’s website.  Pool League Websites are constructed using WordPress to ensure you can easily add information and make changes to your league’s website.   Having a league website can improve your league’s communications and recruit new teams and players.  Plus, you can use your league’s website to raise money by selling ads for the site.

Improves the Pool League’s Communication

Our Pool League Websites have blogs that can be used to provide necessary information to players and captains in your league.  Weekly stat sheets are can be added to the website allowing your captains to easily download stats for their teams next match.  Plus, your league will save money on printing costs by posting stats online.

Recruit New Players and Teams

We make sure you pool league’s website is optimized for visibility on the Internet.  This means that new pool players can easily find your site when searching using Google, Yahoo, and Bing.   Sarasota BCA Pool League’s (sarasotapoolleague.com) did just that the first year of its existance.  We had multiple players join our league, plus new teams formed to compete in our next season. 

Want to see how visible your pool league’s website can be? 

Go to Google, Yahoo, or Bing and try the following:

  • Sarasota Pool League  and find out if you find Sarasota BCA Pool League’s website.
  • Pool league in Sarasota and find out if you find Sarasota BCA Pool League’s website.
  • Pool Players in Sarasota and find out if you find Sarasota BCA Pool League’s website.

Raise money for your
Pool League

Your Pool League’s Website can be built to display vendor ads.  These ads can be sold for between $100 and $250 each!   Put 10 ads on your site and you just earned your league at least $1000 for the year.  You can track the number of times an ad is clicked to assure vendors that their ads are being seen. 

Plus, you can also add Google Adsense ads to your site.   Your pool league will earn money each time a Google Adsense ad is clicked.

Pool League Websites from BrookSEO

We have two options for pool leagues:

Option 1 –  Yearly Lease
COST – $300 set-up (includes domain and first year hosting) and $250 per year

We realize that most pool leagues don’t have the funds needed to buy a website.  Therefore, we created a yearly lease option with those pool leagues in mind.   We purchase your domain name, build your league’s website and host it.  We also provide basic training on how to utilize your pool league’s website. 

Your league just pays us a yearly fee (and we get one free ad) to maintain the site.   Yearly fees are due within 30 days of the start of the corresponding year’s season.  There is no automatic renewal and no long contracts.  All you league needs to due to cancel the site is not pay the yearly fee.

Option 2 – Website Purchase
COST – Starts at $1500 (price may increase based on customization)

Your pool league will own your league’s website.  In this option, your pool league is responsbile for the cost of the domain name and hosting package.  We will help you find an inexpensive option for domain and hosting purchase.  BrookSEO creates a WordPress Website that your league can control  We provide basic training on how to utilize your pool league’s website.  There are No yearly renewal fees.  In fact, you never have to use BrookSEO services again.

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