The Internet is Today's Yellow Pages


Websites You Control!

BrookSEO builds small business websites that you control.  Websites are constructed using resources to ensure you can make changes to your site. 

No more paying a web developer everytime you need to make a change to your small business website.  Not only that, you don’t have to wait for your web developer to make the changes.  This saves you time and money!

I work with you to ensure the pictures and content we choose conveys the message and overall feel you want for your small business website. 

This includes:

  • Choosing a domain name
  • Registering the domain name
  • Purchasing website hosting
  • Determining layout
  • Choosing pictures
  • Adding content
  • Creating the overall web-site design.

Do you really need a web site?

More and more businesses are finding that they need a website. But, not all businesses need an expensive complex website. Most Small Businesses have found a cost effective website can effectively promote their products and services.

When you consider the benefits, it is hard to say you don’t need a website.

  • Low Cost Advertisement.  On average, a BrookSEO website costs about $1000-2000 to construct.  You control your site.  Therefore, once constructed you only pay your yearly hosting and domain fees.  These costs are much lower than the yearly costs of a yellow pages ad.
  • Websites are Open 24/7 –  This gives you an additional opportunity to develop relationships after hours.  Your website can inform and convince potential customers to come to your business.  All while your actual storefront is closed.
  • Instant updates and changes – You can make changes when you want.  Try that with printed material!
  • Global exposure – Most print media ads only offer local area exposure.  The Internet exposes your business to the entire World.
  • Your Customers are already online – Don’t think for a second that your customers are not using the Internet.  A website ensures your small business is visible on the Internet. 

Need a Website for you Small Business?

Contact Jeff to learn how I can design an affordable website for your small business.  Already have a website?  You may want to learn more about my search engine optimization (SEO) services to ensure your site is visible.

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