Use Video to Promote Your Small Business

Internet Videos

Marketing using video on the internet is an excellent way to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. Many businesses use video to market themselves and their products.

Small Businesses can use videos to promote their products and services on video sites such as YouTube.  Videos allow potential customers to gain a level of comfort with you and your services before even stepping foot into your business.   Videos will increase your visibility online!

I will help you produce videos for your web-site by:

1. Selecting appropriate topics to market your business.
2. Write a script for the video.
3. Film and edit the video if necessary.
4. Post your video on your website
5. Send an email with links to your video.
6. Create a Youtube account.
7. Title and post your video on Youtube.

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Real Estate Videos

Buyers use the internet to assist with choosing their next home. Typically they find a series of pictures showing various rooms in a house. But it is difficult to get a good feel of a home with a few pictures. That’s where video comes in.

Video tours are basically an open-house on the internet. A video tour can show all the highlights of the home or a realtor can appear in the video and perform a virtual showing of the home. That video can reach millions of potential buyers.

Other Video Editing

I can edit and convert personal videos for you to post on the web or email to your friends and family.

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