Should you use Pay-Per-Click Ads?


 Sometimes it is difficult to achieve top level positioning in the search engines.   Other times small businesses need an affordable yet effective way to advertise their product and services to their customers. 

The problem for most small businesses is finding a fast way to obtain top listings.  One solution to this problem is Pay-Per-Click or (PPC) advertising.

Target Keywords and Locations

Pay-Per-Click campaigns provide businesses a targeted and effective internet marketing program. Small Businesses have the ability to dictate which keywords to target, along with the targeting of specific geographic location where your ads will appear.

Your small business gets top rankings and priority placements, but you must pay a cost for every “click” incurred by the visitors who searches, finds, and clicks on your ad to visit your practice’s website.

There are many benefits of a “Pay-Per-Click” campaign:

  • Immediate first page placements
  • Unlimited keyword placement
  • Target specific geographic location for your ads
  • You set how much you’re comfortable with spending
  • No minimum spending requirements
  • No long term commitments

Contact Jeff  to set-up your Small Business Pay-Per-Click Campaign.