Make Your Facebook Business Page Work For You!

Set-Up Custom Facebook Business Page – $250

There are a lot of business that are already taking advantage of Facebook Business Pages. Search through Facebook Business Pages and you’ll find a lot of them look very similar.

Then, there’s a few Facebook Business Pages that stand out by using custom look with an unique welcome page.  These custom pages grabs your attention all while promoting their business.

A custom Facebook Business Page can increase customer contact that leads to customer loyalty and increased sales.

Customize your Facebook Business Page

BrookSEO will set-up your Custom Facebook Business Page with a custom welcome page. This service includes:

  • A Custom Facebook Profile Picture
  • Adding pertinent business information
  • Setting up your Facebook tabs
  • Creating a Facebook Badge for you to add to your website
  • A Custom Dynamic Welcome Page

You must have a current Facebook Profile for us to use to create your Facebook Business Page.

Contact BrookSEO to get Your Custom Facebook Profile Picture.

Purchase a Custom Business Page Set-Up

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