BrookSEO Launches New Website for Stillwater, MN Accountant

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I recently launched a new website for Giguere & Company, an small accounting firm in Stillwater, MN.  Robin Giguere, accountant, wanted a site that would provide information about her firm and would represent the firms small homey feeling.  The site was built in WordPress so that Robin Giguere would be able to keep her clients updated using a blog. 

Visit Giguere & Company’s new website at

Generate Business Relationships with E-Mail

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There are many ways of prospecting customers using the internet. One effective tool that is over looked by businesses is a simple E-Mail Campaign.

Yes, E-mail Campaigns can be an effective tool for prospecting customers. If you’re like a lot of businesses you don’t want to be a bother to your customers. What you must realize is you can use e-mail campaigns to nurture relationships with current and prospective customers. Plus, many of your customers want more information about your field.

Nurture Marketing

Nurture Marketing is a very successful technique that can be used to generate more customers to your business. It is an ongoing process of providing information and nurturing a trusted relationship with current and potential customers. It is better for customers to get information from you than a competitor or a third party site that has never stepped into your business.

Working in the medical field, I’ve found that oncologists already provide a simple form of nurture marketing when they copy various cancer related articles and give them to their patients. This is a simple example, but their patients are less likely to seek another physician if they believe they have a good relationship with their physician. Plus,

How do you run a Nurture Marketing Campaign using e-mail?

  • Select an E-mail Program. There are many to choose from. Make sure the program you choose adheres to spam guidelines and is simple to use. I’ve found many businesses with a great program that is too complex for their staff and e-mails are never sent.
  • Determine how you will collect e-mails. This is really rather simple to solve. You ask for them and collect them on your web-site.
  • Create a plan on how you want to separate your e-mail list. Many businesses make the mistake of having one large list of e-mails. Therefore, every customer get’s an email even if it doesn’t apply to them. Why would a customer who likes to barbecue get an e-mail about poaching? Don’t get me wrong, there are times you’ll want to send an e-mail to every customer. Therefore, maintaining a general customer e-mail list is still important.
  • Get Content. One thing I’ve learned is there is a lot of information available. Odds are if it interested you it would be interesting to your customer. Just remember to create content that an average customer can understand.
  • Plan your calendar. Generally, nurture marketing campaigns aren’t something you want to plan. You should send information to customer as soon as you learn about it. Basically, you want your customers to hear it from you first. I do recommend a regular monthly e-mail to ensure you remain visible to all your customer.

Maintaining exceptional relationships with current and prospective customers optimizes the effectiveness attract new customers to your business.  Nurture marketing and E-Mail Campaigns will generate new customers and loyal customers.

BrookSEO Launches Website for a Des Moines Packing Company

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BrookSEO is proud to announce Amend Packing Company website relaunch at  Amend Packing Company has served quality beef to their customers for over 100 years.

The goal of the site was to have a very simple design and to be visible on the Internet.  The site was built using WordPress using a basic design. We focused on ensuring their site was visible when using specific keywords.  Some of the keywords they wanted to focus on are:

Des Moines Custom Beef Processing
Des Moines Deer Processing
Des Moines Meat Processing

SEO Training for Medical Offices

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I am pleased to announce that I have teamed up with Melissa Fach, well known and respected for her SEO work, to create a new Medical SEO Training consulting business.

We’ve combined our experience and expertise to offer medical practices training on how to effectively advertise their practice on the internet.  This includes learning how to:

  • provide Search Engine Optimization to their existing web-site.
  • manage a Pay-Per-Click campaign.
  • develop successful E-Mail Campaigns.
  • effectively create, use, and market internet videos.
  • use blogging as a marketing tool
  • make social media sites refer more patients.

Our Medical SEO Trainings will allow medical offices to manage their own internet marketing at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional internet marketing firm. The response to our business and our trainings have been very positive. I’m attaching a link to our web-site for you to review or forward to medical offices you believe could benefit from this service.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

My Stimulus Plan for Neighborhood Stores

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My father owned a neighborhood grocery store during my entire left. I use the term owned since both my brothers now own and operate the same grocery store. In fact, B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli has been in my family for three generations. It all started when my grandfather and his brother opened it in 1922.

It is an amazing story how this small neighborhood grocery store has survived large chain stores, warehouse clubs, and even a flood to remain at the center of the community on the Southside of Des Moines, Iowa. It amazed me so much that I created a web-site for them. This web-site receives a few thousand hits every month from multiple countries and almost every State in the United States.

The success of their web-site gave me an idea. Why not create a web-site to list family-owned neighborhood stores from all over the United States? It could be used as a guide to encourage people to support these stores. My goal is to help these neighborhood stores remain open for future generations to enjoy. It will cost these stores nothing to be listed. It is my personal project.

The site layout was completed the first week in May 2009 and can be found at Now, I have the task of finding and listing as many stores as possible. This is where I need your help!

Please let me know about neighborhood stores in your area. Please ensure you provide me with as much informatoin as possible. In fact, I’d even love to have another contributor to help write up descriptions for the site. Contact me if you’re interested.

So, please support your local grocery store and support my stimulus plan by using to find your local grocery store.

News Cast Concerning B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli

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Des Moines’ Channel 8 News did a news segment on B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli.  This is the family grocery store my family operates in Des Moines, Iowa.  I hope everyone enjoys the segment.

Welcome to my new site!

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I’m sure you have noticed the change to my web-site. It was time for me to include a few new services and give my site a fresh new look. Plus, the changes include a blog feature. This is something I’m really excited about adding. It’ll allow me to keep blog about my experiences and services.

Same great services, with a few additions, and a fresh new look on the internet.

Feel free to share you thoughts about my updated site.

Best Regards,