Golf Outing – Pool Tournament – Music – Fun

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Scheduled for July 16, 2010

The 2nd Annual Jeff Brooks Golf – Billiards Classic is scheduled for July 16, 2010. This year’s event includes an 18-Hole Golf Skins Game at Bobby Jones Golf Complex and a Double Elimination Pool Tournament at the Sara-Mana Eagles #4424. There will be a champion crowned for both the Golf Outing and the Pool Tournament, plus a Golf – Billiard Champion will be crowned.

The Champion will be crowned using a Golf – Billiards Point System

Golf Skins Game Information

Where: Bobby Jones Golf Complex
When: 1pm Tee Times
Cost: $14.80 green fees + $5 for the skins game

This year’s skins game will be played on the British Course at Bobby Jones Golf Complex. Each registrant is responsible for their green’s fees ($14.80) and are required to pay a $5 ante for the skins game.

A skin will be awarded for any golfer who has the lowest score (one tie-all tie) on any hole. Skins will also be given for Longest Drives (each par 5), Closest to the Pin (each par 3), and Longest Putt on designated holes.

The Golf Champion will be crowned using a Golf Points System.

Pool Tournament Information

Where: Sara-Mana Eagles #4424
When: 7pm (Sign-ups 6:30pm)
Cost: $5 Entry

This yea’rs pool tournament will be played at Sara-Mana Eagles #4424 on North Beneava Road. Registrants are required to pay a $5 entry fee and will be responsible for paying the $1 per game table fees. The tournament will use a “race to one” double-elimination format. The Tournament will pay out 1st (50% of Purse), 2nd (30% of Purse), and 3rd (20% of purse).

VNEA rules will be used. Making the 8-ball on the break will be considered a win. Making the 8-ball and scratching on the break will be considered a loss!

The Billiard Champion will be the winner of the Pool Tournament.

Music by Jukebox Joe Carter
$6.50 “All-You-Can-Eat” Fish Fry
Raffles & 50/50

You don’t have to play golf or pool to enjoy the live music by Jukebox Joe Carter, an “all-you-can-eat” Fish Fry, and to particpate in the raffles. Each participant will receive a raffle ticket for each event they participate in. Raffle Tickets and 50/50 Tickets will be sold 1 ticket for $1 or 8 Tickets for $5. A prize will be given away every hour on the hour.

This year’s raffle prizes include:

You can sign-up by email at


BrookSEO Creates Tuna Can Smoke Box Video

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B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli is a family-owned old fashioned butcher shop with an outstanding deli located in Des Moines, Iowa.  The butchers at B&B like to give grilling advice to their customers.  In this video, the butchers show how to make a smoke box from a tuna can.  This video was filmed and edited by Jeff Brooks.

A smoke box is a metal box or can that is used to hold wood chips.  The smoke box is placed on the grill’s heat source which heats the wood and creates smoke to flavor the meat being grilled.

Sarasota Hula Hoop Fitness Store by BrookSEO

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BrookSEO created a wordpress website for Hoop Fit USA.  Jodie Urias wanted a website that would allow her to blog about Hoop Fit USA’s events and to sell various items including Hula Hoops.  WordPress was used as the format for her site, which included a nice eCommerce solution. 

Jodie loves her new site and has already had succesful sales!

An Optimized Website can Help the Press Find You!

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Today, the AP released a story titled “Local Food Movement Boost Local Butchers’ Business” not only mentioned my family’s butcher shop, but they quoted my brother John and included pictures.  In the article, my brother states  business has “doubled” during the past five years.  The story circulated all over the Internet.  I honestly never thought I’d see the day when one of brothers were quoted on!  It happened today!

A Second Mention in the Press

B&B’ Grocery, Meat & Deli’s famous Quadzilla Burger was also mentioned in an Des Moines Metromix article titled “Wow, we’re stuffed, 7 foods to die for.”  The press doesn’t stop there.  Last week, B&B celebrated its 88th Anniversary and WHOTV, a local News Channel, reported about the anniversary during their nightly television newscast.  Listed below are other times they were mentioned in different publications and/or blogs in the past 12 months.

These are the articles that we know about.  I’m sure there are even more!

“It was the Website!”

John, my oldest brother and co-owner, told me that their business has more than doubled in the past 5 years.  In fact, he said they are busier now than they’ve ever been.  Why?  He believes the majority of the success is due to the website.  Joe, my other brother and co-owner, also believes the popularity of the store is due to the website.  He tells me there’s not a day that they don’t wait on a new customer that  found B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli on the Internet.   Of course, I remind both my brothers that they have a good quality product that people want.

Be Visible on the Internet

Have you ever wondered why another business was mentioned in an article?  Why wasn’t it your business?  Being easy to find on the Internet can help you get your business mentioned in more articles.  I’m positive many reporters use Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find various sources for their articles.  Therefore, you’ll lose  public relation opportunities if you don’t have an optimized website.  You don’t have to take this advice from me.  Take this advice from the owners of a small eighty-eight year old family butcher shop/deli who were quoted in an article found on sites such as ABC News.

Jeff Brooks

BrookSEO Assists Sarasota Street Cleaning Company Build a Website

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I believe it is important for small businesses to not only have control of their website, but to have the ability to make changes to their site without paying a web developer to make the changes.  When I say I assisted Clean Sweep Parking Lot Maintenance with their website, that is exactly what I did.

Roger Ierardi wanted to add content and images to his business website.  I took the time to set up WordPress and his theme and taught Roger how to build his site.  I think you’ll agree it is an impressive site that he’ll be able to use to successfully promote his services.

Learn more about Clean Sweep Parking Lot Maintenace.

BrookSEO assists Sarasota Hair Salon Support for Oil Clean Up

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Domenic Rocco, owner of EuroModa Hair Design, has found a way to support the oil clean efforts going on in the Gulf of Mexico.  He and his fellow Sarasota hair stylists are saving the hair they cut and donating it to Matter or Trust.   Matter of Trust is an organization that collects donated hair and creates hair mats and hair booms that are used to soak up oil spilled into the Gulf.

This is a video I created with Domenic to discuss how he is helping the oil clean up efforts.

BrookSEO Launches Website/Blog for Women Networking Group in Sarasota

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Sarasota Women Connect is an exciting, NEW organization to help connect those in need with those that can help.  They assist women with how to network, get emotionally healthy, find better jobs and live more fulfilling, in the moment live.

I am proud to work with Vanessa Schadt, SWC Founder, to build this site for Sarasota Women Connect.

Learn more about Sarasota Women Connect.

Video of Sarasota Musician by BrookSEO

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This is a video I shot for one of my client’s, Jukebox Joe Carter.  The video was filmed at O’learys Tiki Bar & Grill in Sarasota, Florida.  Videos are important to use marketing yourself on the Internet.

BrookSEO Launches Website Dedicated to Answering Medical Bill Questions

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I’m excited to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to answering questions about medical bills.

The site – was developed as a question and answer forum that allows patients to easily ask a question about their medical bills. I encourage medical professionals, such as claims assistance professionals, and even other patients to provide answers to any question on the site. This allows patients asking questions to get answers from those who are familiar with their particular billing situation.

I’m dedicating this site to the memory of Doug Nelson and every other patient who has struggled with their medical bills when they should have been focusing on their health! It will remain as a free resource for anyone who wants to ask a question about their medical bills.

There will be advertising space on the site. The revenue generated by these ads will offset the cost of maintaining the site. Let me know if you are interested in advertising on

Jeff Brooks

BrookSEO Launches Website for Sarasota Musician

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BrookSEO is proud to announce Jukebox Joe Carter’s website relaunch at  The site was built using WordPress.

Jukebox Joe has extensive experience playing at weddings, private parties, corporate cocktail receptions, outdoor festivals, and wine tasting events. His repertoire spans several decades, and is well-suited for mixed, all-aged crowds. With a voice that can closely resemble the sound of many artists, and his guitar, you and your guests will be impressed.

Visit Jukebox Joe Carter’s site.