Custom Facebook Page for Pool League

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Sarasota BCA Pool League has a lot of pool players who are on Facebook.  Therefore, they decided to have BrookSEO create a custom Facebook page for the league.  This will allow the league to easily share information with various league players.  Plus, they can use Facebook to help recruit new players and/or teams to their league.

A custom profile picture was created and a custom landing page was added.   Now, all league information from their website will be added to Facebook.   Making it a little easier to communicate with their members.

Click here to see Sarasota BCA Pool League’s Custom Facebook Page.

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Sarasota Hair Salon Website by BrookSEO

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Domenic Rocco, master hair stylist and owner of EuroModa Hair Design, had a goal for his website.  The website would need to highlight the stylists while being easy to find on Google and other search engines.

His website, was developed using WordPress.  The site has a professional look with pictures that display the fun atmosphere at the salon.  Each stylist has their own page and are featured on a stylist portfolio page.

Visible on Search Engines

The site was optimized for best visibility on the Internet and consistently appears for various keywords including:

  • Sarasota Hair Salon
  • Sarasota Hair Stylist
  • Sarasota Beauty Shop
  • Sarasota Ethnic Hair Stylist
  • and more!

Visit EuroModa Hair Design’s Website.

Who Owns Your Domain Name?

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I spoke to quite a few prospective clients last week and found a common theme between all of them. 

Not one of the small businesses 
owned their domain name!

It shocks me to find small businesses that have put their trust in questionable web developers.  Who in turn, owns the business’s domain name.  The majority of businesses that are in this situation paid a small indepent web developer for a 3 – 5 page website (an issue for another blog post) and then pay a yearly fee.   Plus, they pay everytime they need anything changed on the site.  One client bought their website from SuperPages (an issue for another blog post) and SuperPages owns the domain name. 

What happens if your web developer
gets ran over by a train?

My first question is always, “What happens if your web developer gets ran over by a train?”  That may be a little out there.  So, maybe your web developer doesn’t get ran over by a train, but your relationship sours.  How do you get control of your domain name?  I’m serious, what would you do to get control of your domain and your website?   Most people respond by shrugging their shoulds and saying, “I don’t know.”   Now, I doubt this is much of an issue with the SuperPages.  But, it is a big issue with small web developers.  

You should own your domain name!

You should own your small business’s domain name and have easy access to it at any time.  Even if you let your web designer buy your domain name for you!  Just make sure they set it up in an account that is in your name.  Don’t forget to get the account’s username and password.   While were at it, you should have the username, password, and FTP access to your hosting account too.

Here’s a few quick tips…

  1. Buy your domain name yourself or at least make sure the domain is registered in an account that is in your name.
  2. Ensure you have the username and password for your account where your domain is registered.   Insist on knowing where your domain is registered and having control of the account!  It could be critical to change the password if your relationship with your web developer goes awry.
  3. Know where your site is hosted.  In fact, you should also have the username and password to this account.
  4. Get FTP login information.   The odds are you won’t use it, but there’s no legitimite reason for your developer not to give it to you. 

These simple tips will help save you from a lot of frustration you may experience if your web developer gets ran over by a train!

Jeff Brooks

BrookSEO Sets Up WordPress Theme for Sarasota Realtor

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Cristian Tramontozzi, of Keller Williams Realty in Sarasota, installed a WordPress Theme to create a website for his domain He ran into a few roadblocks getting the site to look exactly how he had hoped it would look. Therefore, he asked for assistance from BrookSEO.

Multiple things were completed to ensure this WordPress website fit Mr. Tramontozzi’s goals.

  • Multiple Plugins were installed to ensure functionality of the site.
  • The home page was set-up with a Custom Header Image.
  • A RSS Feed from Sarasota Herald Tribune was added.
    • Multiple pages were optimized for best visibility on the Internet.
    • Google Feedburner was added to the site.
    • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools were added to the site.

    Once completed, I provided Mr. Tramontozzi WordPress training so that he could efficiently use his new WordPress Website to obtain new leads.

    Visit his site,

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    Does Google use Data from Social Sites such as Facebook in Ranking?

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    Just another reason for your small business to utilize social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is a great video of Matt Cutts, Google, explaining how Google uses data from social sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc) in ranking your website.

    Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

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    Custom Facebook Page with Video and Email Capture Form

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    Stratus of Tampa – St Pete wanted a little extra out of their Custom Facebook Page.

    First, they wanted two different custom pages on for their Facebook Business Page.  One would be used to promote their cleaning services, while the other would promote the franchise opportunities available.  Stratus also wanted an email capture form for potential clients and franchisees.  They also wanted a video included in the Franchise page.

    BrookSEO was able to fulfill their needs.  Two pages were created, both with an email capture form.  A video was added to the Franchise page.

    See Stratus of Tampa – St Pete’s custom Facebook Business Page.

    Custom Facebook Business Page for Sarasota Realtor

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    BrookSEO created a Custom Facebook Business Page for Perin Realty & Associates, LLC.  The Facebook Business Page includes a custom profile picture, a custom dynamic page, and setting up the Business Page.

    “Now that’s what I call impressive!” was Bill Perin’s, founder of Perin Realty & Associates, exact words when he viewed his custom Facebook Business Page by BrookSEO.

    See Perin Realty & Associates, LLC Custom Facebook Business Page.

    Facebook Business Page for Stillwater Accountant

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    BrookSEO set-up a basic Facebook Business Page for Giguere & Company, a Stillwater, Minnesota accounting firm.  The business page includes a custom Facebook Profile Picture that was created by Jeff.

    See Giguere & Company’s Facebook Business Page

    WordPress Website for Billiards Supply Store

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    BrookSEO is proud to announce a new website for Kue & Karom Billiards in Sarasota, Florida. Kue & Karom Billiards is a family-owned business that has been selling billiards supplies to the communities around Sarasota for almost 50 years.

    They were interesting in creating an online presence with a website that reflected their personal interaction with their customers. We created the website using WordPress. All the pictures of their billiards shop were personally taken by Jeff. This ensured that current and prospective customers would be familiar with their shop prior to walking into the actual storefront.

    See Kue & Karom Billiards website by BrookSEO