Google Can Not Answer All Your Questions

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I found a great church sign in Sarasota. It simply read, “Google Can Not Answer All Your Questions.” This may be true. In fact, Google really doesn’t answer any of your questions. Google does help you find information to help you answer your question.

If you Google “John 3:16″ you will find Jesus

You can find Jesus using various keywords or key-phrases. That’s the key. So, can your parishioners, clients, or prospective customers find you on Google? How can you expect to provide answers if they can’t find you?

Incorporate SEO Strategies into Your Website

Your website should incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ensure that you site is visible on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.  It is more than a few keywords here and there.  Want to learn more?   Contact me to learn how I can help your visibility on the Web.

Real Estate Video by BrookSEO

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The following real estate video was created by BrookSEO.

Need a Real Estate Video?

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Sarasota Law Firm Facebook Business Page

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The Collins Law Group, in Sarasota, Florida, wanted a Facebook business page that linked back to their website.  Their business page was designed to resemble their website.  Links were created to specific service pages.

Click here to see The Collins Law Group Facebook business page.

2011 INA Conference Speaker

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I was fortunate to be asked to present at the International Nanny Association’s 2011 Conference. The topic – Marketing with Internet videos. It was exciting to be chosen to discuss a marketing venue that still presents a lot of opportunity to get found on the Internet!

The Presentation was
Customized for the Nanny Industry

The first step of my presentation was to research the nanny industry. This was done for two reasons; 1) for a better understanding of the nanny industry and, 2) to determine if video was being utilized by nanny agencies. I was pleasantly impressed with my research. A lot of nanny agencies did utilized Internet videos. Of course, there were a lot of them that didn’t and/or didn’t utilize Internet videos to their full potential.

My presentation highlighted:

  • The importance of Internet Videos.
  • How to research your competition and the opportunity for your Internet Videos to dominate your market.
  • Creating good content for a video.
  • How to film and edit a video for the Internet.
  • Where to post videos on the Internet.

The presentation itself was a huge success.  I was able to use nanny agency videos (some that were from a couple of the attendees) to show opportunity to create videos with powerful content.  Videos that would be visible on the Internet.  I came away knowing that we will see more Internet Videos from nanny organizations across the country!

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New Website for Sarasota Psychotherapist

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Beatty Cohan, MSW, LCSW,  is a nationally recognized psychotherapist, author, speaker, columnist and national radio and television expert guest.  She wanted a new site that would be easy to navigate, but very visible on the Internet.

BrookSEO created a website using WordPress.  The site’s appearance was chosen to reflect her area of practice.  The site was optimized for best visibility on the Internet.

Visit Beatty Cohan’s website.

Custom Facebook Business Page for Hula Hoop Fitness

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Jodie Urias, found of HoopFit USA, wanted a custom welcome page for HoopFit USA’s business page.   BrookSEO created a custom Facebook business page that:

1.  Incorporated her logo

2.  Described her business.

3.  Linked back to her website.

See HoopFit USA’s Custom Facebook Page by BrookSEO

New Website for Volvo-Penta Service Dealer

Website Developmenton April 5th, 2011No Comments

Suncoast Diesel Marine, Inc wanted a simple website that was easy to change, visible on the Internet, and was similar to the clean, white design of their service trucks.

Their website was built using WordPress.  Being built in WordPress, they can easily make changes themselves.  The theme was kept white to copy the color of the service trucks.  The colors of their logo were also used to provide a splash of color in the homepage featured slider.   Search Engine Optimizaiton (SEO) was incorporated into the site to ensure visibility on the Internet.

See Suncoast Diesel Marine’s website.

Custom Facebook Page for Urias Family DareDevils

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The Urias family daredevils wanted a Facebook page for their historic Globe of Death performance. BrookSEO created a custom Facebook page that supports the look of their website.  The page was given a custom Facebook url…

See the Urias Family’s Globe of Death Facebook page.

BrookSEO Creates Custom Pages for

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ArtBridge, located in New York,  is a non-profit public arts organization that beautifies neighborhoods and communities by transforming overhead construction scaffolding into larger-than-life canvas for the work of local emerging artists.

Between the Lines

ArtBridge teamed up with Epic Records for an art competition with the winning art being displayed in a large-scale exhibition at the label’s Madision Avenue headquarters.  ArtBridge wanted a section of their website customized specifically for this competition.  The “Between the Lines” section would have a black background with white font and a different feature image.

BrookSEO created custom pages for ArtBridge and ensured the pages were ready for their launch.

Below is the normal look of the ArtBridge website.

Video Created for Home Depot Star Entry

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Joe Carter needed a video to show his singing skills for a Home Depot employee contest called Home Depot Star.  BrookSEO filmed Joe’s introduction and him singing a few songs.   Under Joe’s direction, the video was edited to create his entry for the contest.