Small Business Consultant with Big Business Experience

Jeff Brooks

Jeff Brooks is a marketing and management professional with a strong, diverse, and unique background. He grew up working in his family’s neighborhood grocery store in Des Moines, Iowa. B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli taught him the struggles small businesses experience as they market themselves to their customers.

Served as a Medic in the U.S. Air Force

Jeff left the family business to serve his country. As a medic in the United States Air Force, he was given an Air Force Achievement Medal for saving the life of an automobile accident victim. After leaving the Air Force, Jeff taught post-secondary education at National Education Center (NEC) in Des Moines, Iowa. He was soon promoted to the Medical Department Head for NEC’s Medical Assisting program. This included overseeing all aspects of NEC’s Medical Assisting program which provided Medical Assisting students with the clinical and administrative skills needed to work in a medical office.

Health Care Executive

Jeff completed an Executive Program on Health Care Policy and Economics at Harvard University’s School of Public Health. He used the knowledge he gained to build a strong reputation in physician practice development, management, and marketing. He was the Director of New Business Development for Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Vice President of Development for Physicians Health Corporation. Both positions enabled him to develop and manage cancer centers throughout the United States. With over 20 years of experience, he became known as an innovative team builder with a high level of integrity. He is very effective and proficient working with all levels of any organization.

Small Business Consulting

Jeff began offering consulting services to small business that include physician practices, storage facilities, meat packing companies, restaurants, construction companies, as well as other industries. He specializing in E-mail Campaigns, Internet Videos, Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, Web-Site Design, Blog Set-up, and Internet Marketing Strategies that include Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Jeff’s Experience

  • Over 20 years experience in the service industry
  • 15 years management experience.
  • Former Executive for two National Healthcare Companies.
  • I’ve been in the trenches obtaining real-world experience.
  • Created & Managed successful E-Mail Campaigns.
  • Recorded and Edited videos for online postings.
  • Experienced in Web-Site Designs & Blog Set-up.
  • Managed successful Pay-Per-Click Campaigns.
  • Proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies.

How am I different?

By applying the strategies learned from progressive, customer-focused healthcare companies, I help you change the way you develop your markets, policies and customer service. I will:

  • Setup a “user-friendly” website that you can use.
  • Provide practical tips and tools to ensure results.
  • Develop brand awareness through Internet strategies.
  • Train you and your staff to properly utilize your Internet solution.
  • Produce and edit videos and prepare them for the internet.
  • Not give you flashy trendy buzzwords to alienate you or your staff.

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