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New Website for Sarasota Psychotherapist

Website Developmenton April 17th, 2011No Comments

Beatty Cohan, MSW, LCSW,  is a nationally recognized psychotherapist, author, speaker, columnist and national radio and television expert guest.  She wanted a new site that would be easy to navigate, but very visible on the Internet.

BrookSEO created a website using WordPress.  The site’s appearance was chosen to reflect her area of practice.  The site was optimized for best visibility on the Internet.

Visit Beatty Cohan’s website.

New Website for Volvo-Penta Service Dealer

Website Developmenton April 5th, 2011No Comments

Suncoast Diesel Marine, Inc wanted a simple website that was easy to change, visible on the Internet, and was similar to the clean, white design of their service trucks.

Their website was built using WordPress.  Being built in WordPress, they can easily make changes themselves.  The theme was kept white to copy the color of the service trucks.  The colors of their logo were also used to provide a splash of color in the homepage featured slider.   Search Engine Optimizaiton (SEO) was incorporated into the site to ensure visibility on the Internet.

See Suncoast Diesel Marine’s website.

BrookSEO Creates Custom Pages for

Website Developmenton February 21st, 2011No Comments

ArtBridge, located in New York,  is a non-profit public arts organization that beautifies neighborhoods and communities by transforming overhead construction scaffolding into larger-than-life canvas for the work of local emerging artists.

Between the Lines

ArtBridge teamed up with Epic Records for an art competition with the winning art being displayed in a large-scale exhibition at the label’s Madision Avenue headquarters.  ArtBridge wanted a section of their website customized specifically for this competition.  The “Between the Lines” section would have a black background with white font and a different feature image.

BrookSEO created custom pages for ArtBridge and ensured the pages were ready for their launch.

Below is the normal look of the ArtBridge website.

Sarasota Hair Salon Website by BrookSEO

Website Developmenton January 28th, 2011No Comments

Domenic Rocco, master hair stylist and owner of EuroModa Hair Design, had a goal for his website.  The website would need to highlight the stylists while being easy to find on Google and other search engines.

His website, was developed using WordPress.  The site has a professional look with pictures that display the fun atmosphere at the salon.  Each stylist has their own page and are featured on a stylist portfolio page.

Visible on Search Engines

The site was optimized for best visibility on the Internet and consistently appears for various keywords including:

  • Sarasota Hair Salon
  • Sarasota Hair Stylist
  • Sarasota Beauty Shop
  • Sarasota Ethnic Hair Stylist
  • and more!

Visit EuroModa Hair Design’s Website.

BrookSEO Sets Up WordPress Theme for Sarasota Realtor

Website Developmenton January 1st, 2011No Comments

Cristian Tramontozzi, of Keller Williams Realty in Sarasota, installed a WordPress Theme to create a website for his domain He ran into a few roadblocks getting the site to look exactly how he had hoped it would look. Therefore, he asked for assistance from BrookSEO.

Multiple things were completed to ensure this WordPress website fit Mr. Tramontozzi’s goals.

  • Multiple Plugins were installed to ensure functionality of the site.
  • The home page was set-up with a Custom Header Image.
  • A RSS Feed from Sarasota Herald Tribune was added.
    • Multiple pages were optimized for best visibility on the Internet.
    • Google Feedburner was added to the site.
    • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools were added to the site.

    Once completed, I provided Mr. Tramontozzi WordPress training so that he could efficiently use his new WordPress Website to obtain new leads.

    Visit his site,

    Need help with your WordPress Website?

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    WordPress Website for Billiards Supply Store

    Website Developmenton December 11th, 2010No Comments

    BrookSEO is proud to announce a new website for Kue & Karom Billiards in Sarasota, Florida. Kue & Karom Billiards is a family-owned business that has been selling billiards supplies to the communities around Sarasota for almost 50 years.

    They were interesting in creating an online presence with a website that reflected their personal interaction with their customers. We created the website using WordPress. All the pictures of their billiards shop were personally taken by Jeff. This ensured that current and prospective customers would be familiar with their shop prior to walking into the actual storefront.

    See Kue & Karom Billiards website by BrookSEO

    Website created for a Do-it-Yourself Auto Repair Shop

    Website Developmenton November 19th, 2010No Comments

    Self-Serve Garage in Kent, Washington is a new concept for auto repair garages.  This auto repair shop offers customers bays, tool, and even mechanics for rent.  This allows customers to make repairs and maintain their cars themselves.  They even are conducting seminars to teach customers how to fix their vehicles.

    BrookSEO is proud to have created the website for Self-Serve Garage.  The site includes a blog for news and updates.

    Blog for Mother of Autistic Children

    Website Developmenton October 14th, 2010No Comments

    I’m proud to announce the release of the latest blog site created by BrookSEO.   The site is .  A childhood friend of mine has two autistic kids.  We were recently connected via Facebook where I found myself reading her Facebook posts about her two children.  Soon, I recommended she use a blog to let the world know the struggles and triumphs of a family with autistic kids.  Next thing you know, we built an autism blog site and she was off and running.

    There is a Autism Community Forum on the site which allows visitors of the site to interact with each other.  This paves the way for individuals to share ideas and tools with other individuals touched by autism.

    I highly recommend everyone spend some time on to learn about the day in the life of a parent with autistic children.

    Website for Sarasota Based Pool League

    Website Developmenton August 15th, 2010No Comments


    BrookSEO created a new website for the Sarasota BCA Pool League.  This site was created to be the “go to” place for all the league’s information including league news, stats, and area’s tournaments.   The site also displays all the league’s locations and has a photo gallery to show pictures obtained during the year.

    The other nice feature of this site is the advertising section.  SBCAPL is selling ads on their site to help support the league expenses.  This allows businesses to get their name in front of over 200 pool players!

    Click here to see Sarasota BCA Pool League’s new website by BrookSEO.

    New Website Launched for Sarasota Painter

    Website Developmenton July 20th, 2010No Comments

    Peter L’Heureux, a residential and commercial painter in Sarasota, wanted a website that would allow him to spotlight some of his work.  He also wanted a website that would work for him.  Basically, he wanted a website that would be highly visible on the Internet.

    I suggested that he chose a domain name that would be easy to remember and would provide some optimization opportunities.  We chose  We used a simple, clean design as the bases for his website.    This design was built using WordPress, giving him multiple options including a blog and a photo gallery.

    The site appears on the first page of Google for multiple keywords providing the exposure Peter desired.  In fact, I was golfing in our golf league.  Peter walked up to me on the golf course and said he had already started getting business of the Internet.