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Sarasota Law Firm Facebook Business Page

Facebookon June 1st, 2011No Comments

The Collins Law Group, in Sarasota, Florida, wanted a Facebook business page that linked back to their website.  Their business page was designed to resemble their website.  Links were created to specific service pages.

Click here to see The Collins Law Group Facebook business page.

Custom Facebook Business Page for Hula Hoop Fitness

Facebookon April 11th, 2011No Comments

Jodie Urias, found of HoopFit USA, wanted a custom welcome page for HoopFit USA’s business page.   BrookSEO created a custom Facebook business page that:

1.  Incorporated her logo

2.  Described her business.

3.  Linked back to her website.

See HoopFit USA’s Custom Facebook Page by BrookSEO

Custom Facebook Page for Urias Family DareDevils

Facebookon February 23rd, 2011No Comments

The Urias family daredevils wanted a Facebook page for their historic Globe of Death performance. BrookSEO created a custom Facebook page that supports the look of their website.  The page was given a custom Facebook url…

See the Urias Family’s Globe of Death Facebook page.

Custom Facebook Page for Pool League

Facebookon January 31st, 2011No Comments

Sarasota BCA Pool League has a lot of pool players who are on Facebook.  Therefore, they decided to have BrookSEO create a custom Facebook page for the league.  This will allow the league to easily share information with various league players.  Plus, they can use Facebook to help recruit new players and/or teams to their league.

A custom profile picture was created and a custom landing page was added.   Now, all league information from their website will be added to Facebook.   Making it a little easier to communicate with their members.

Click here to see Sarasota BCA Pool League’s Custom Facebook Page.

Want a custom Facebook Page for your Pool League?

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Custom Facebook Page with Video and Email Capture Form

Facebookon December 17th, 2010No Comments

Stratus of Tampa – St Pete wanted a little extra out of their Custom Facebook Page.

First, they wanted two different custom pages on for their Facebook Business Page.  One would be used to promote their cleaning services, while the other would promote the franchise opportunities available.  Stratus also wanted an email capture form for potential clients and franchisees.  They also wanted a video included in the Franchise page.

BrookSEO was able to fulfill their needs.  Two pages were created, both with an email capture form.  A video was added to the Franchise page.

See Stratus of Tampa – St Pete’s custom Facebook Business Page.

Custom Facebook Business Page for Sarasota Realtor

Facebookon December 12th, 2010No Comments

BrookSEO created a Custom Facebook Business Page for Perin Realty & Associates, LLC.  The Facebook Business Page includes a custom profile picture, a custom dynamic page, and setting up the Business Page.

“Now that’s what I call impressive!” was Bill Perin’s, founder of Perin Realty & Associates, exact words when he viewed his custom Facebook Business Page by BrookSEO.

See Perin Realty & Associates, LLC Custom Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Business Page for Stillwater Accountant

Facebookon December 11th, 2010No Comments

BrookSEO set-up a basic Facebook Business Page for Giguere & Company, a Stillwater, Minnesota accounting firm.  The business page includes a custom Facebook Profile Picture that was created by Jeff.

See Giguere & Company’s Facebook Business Page

Basic Facebook Page for Sarasota Painter

Facebookon November 29th, 2010No Comments

BrookSEO implemented a basic Facebook Business page for L’Heureux Painting & Maintenance, LLC.  The set-up included a custom profile picture.

See L’Heureux Painting & Maintenance’s Facebook Business Page.