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Red, White & Blue Golf Tournament 1st Place Team

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I played in Oak Ford Golf Club’s Red White, and Blue Golf Tournament on July 3, 2010.  This tournament uses a scramble format that alternates the tees used between the reds, whites and the blues.  It was actually real interesting hitting from different tees. 

Our team was 9-under going into our last two holes.  Our goal was to eagle the Par 5 and birdie the Par 3.  We were hoping a 12-under 60 would give us a chance.   We successfully eagled the par 5 thanks to Eric’s great second shot and putt.  Now all we needed to do was birdie #4 on Live Oak, which was about a 185 yard – par 3.   Justin and I both put our tee shots within 4 feet of the hole.  We did decide my ball was about an inch closer.  Justin easily made the putt to take us to the clubhouse with a 12-under 60. 

We beat our opponnent by exactly 1 stroke and became eligible for Oak Ford’s Summer Tournament Championship by winning this tournament.

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