Second Annual Jeff Brooks Golf - Billiards Classic

Golf Outing – Pool Tournament – Music – Fun

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Scheduled for July 16, 2010

The 2nd Annual Jeff Brooks Golf – Billiards Classic is scheduled for July 16, 2010. This year’s event includes an 18-Hole Golf Skins Game at Bobby Jones Golf Complex and a Double Elimination Pool Tournament at the Sara-Mana Eagles #4424. There will be a champion crowned for both the Golf Outing and the Pool Tournament, plus a Golf – Billiard Champion will be crowned.

The Champion will be crowned using a Golf – Billiards Point System

Golf Skins Game Information

Where: Bobby Jones Golf Complex
When: 1pm Tee Times
Cost: $14.80 green fees + $5 for the skins game

This year’s skins game will be played on the British Course at Bobby Jones Golf Complex. Each registrant is responsible for their green’s fees ($14.80) and are required to pay a $5 ante for the skins game.

A skin will be awarded for any golfer who has the lowest score (one tie-all tie) on any hole. Skins will also be given for Longest Drives (each par 5), Closest to the Pin (each par 3), and Longest Putt on designated holes.

The Golf Champion will be crowned using a Golf Points System.

Pool Tournament Information

Where: Sara-Mana Eagles #4424
When: 7pm (Sign-ups 6:30pm)
Cost: $5 Entry

This yea’rs pool tournament will be played at Sara-Mana Eagles #4424 on North Beneava Road. Registrants are required to pay a $5 entry fee and will be responsible for paying the $1 per game table fees. The tournament will use a “race to one” double-elimination format. The Tournament will pay out 1st (50% of Purse), 2nd (30% of Purse), and 3rd (20% of purse).

VNEA rules will be used. Making the 8-ball on the break will be considered a win. Making the 8-ball and scratching on the break will be considered a loss!

The Billiard Champion will be the winner of the Pool Tournament.

Music by Jukebox Joe Carter
$6.50 “All-You-Can-Eat” Fish Fry
Raffles & 50/50

You don’t have to play golf or pool to enjoy the live music by Jukebox Joe Carter, an “all-you-can-eat” Fish Fry, and to particpate in the raffles. Each participant will receive a raffle ticket for each event they participate in. Raffle Tickets and 50/50 Tickets will be sold 1 ticket for $1 or 8 Tickets for $5. A prize will be given away every hour on the hour.

This year’s raffle prizes include:

You can sign-up by email at


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